The Brooks Caldera is designed to be a responsive, well-cushioned, ultra distance trail running shoe. It is thicker under the forefoot than any other Brooks trail shoe. This allows the shoe to provide long distance cushioning and rock protection. But with just a 4mm heel-toe offset, this shoe is somewhat light and stable. The stability you feel is further enhanced by a broad base.

This shoe is part of a new wave of trail shoes spurred on in large part by companies such as Hoka and Altra.  Gone are the stiff With the caldera you get the cushioning of a Hoka but with the fit of a brooks.  Brooks has been making shoes for a long time, and as a result they simply know how to make them right.  This really comes into play with the fit of the upper and the durability of the shoe.

The upper of the Caldera has a gusseted tongue to keep out debris. A double-layer of mesh also helps keep out debris and provide protection to the foot. There is a lace garage for stowing laces out of the way so they do not get caught on anything. A hook and loop Gaiter Tab at the heel is there to secure a gaiter in place.

The outsole is made of sticky rubber, which will perform best on rocky surfaces and hard packed ground. The lugs are somewhat shallow and cover a large area, but have enough depth to dig into loose terrain.

The Caldera is definietly lightweight for the amount of cushioning that it has, a women’s size 8 Caldera weighs a mere 9 ounces. This is definitely in line with the well cushioned Altras and Hokas that are currently on the market.

Come on in and check out a pair!!

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