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Race vests have become the norm in trail racing now and it’s east to see why. When the product works (and some don’t) they fit like a piece of clothing, they don’t move, they cause no chaffing and they provide easy and immediate access to everything you need while still pushing the pace.  The Sense Set is Salomon’s newest and lightest race vest, it feautures two soft bottles in the front and a 1 liter capacity, there isn’t room for much else but as it weighs in at only 90 grams (that’s freaking light!) it is incredily comfortable and almost unnoticeable when worn.   

The soft flasks sit on the chest and do not bounce. You can drink from the bottles without removing them when required, however, I haven’t been able to do that running. I need to stop, lean over, bite the bottle, take a drink and then push on…  Soft flasks and tight fitting stretch pockets make for a tricky combination. The soft flasks and the way they fit on the body are perfect, but trying to add a full bottle back to the pocket can be tricky. With practice it does get easier and a tip is to blow back into the bottle once you have taken a drink. This inflates the bottle and makes it more rigid. I personally have always preferred bottles over bladders and soft flasks and Salomon’s positioning make this combination the best I have tested.

This vest is so light and seamless that it can be worn without a shirt and won’t be as hot as other options out there.  If you’re looking for a light vest then this is it, I promise.