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Our 5 step fit philosophy means you get the best, most comfortable shoe you can imagine…


Q & A- Assess your needs & explain the shoes- Get to know you!
We ask questions to get to know your running “personality”:

  • What is the goal of your running shoe? Walking? Fitness? 5K? Marathon?  Ultra Run? Where do you like to run

  • Do you have any aches or pains? Have you had any previous injuries? Do you wear an orthotic or other custom insert?

  • Then we explain the differences in support between a neutral, moderate stability and stability shoe, or between a trail shoe and a road shoe.


Measure and observe your foot

  • Using the Brannock Device, we measure your foot, both unweighted and weighted, to determine the overall length, arch length, and width of your foot.
  • We observe your foot to look for common signs of that lead to issues, including the volume of your foot, bunions, pressure points, initial arch height, hammer toes, etc.



Watch your walk

  • We watch as you walk away and then back towards us at a steady pace.
  • Does your foot internally or externally rotate? Does it collapse to the inside (pronation), or roll to the outside (supination)?
  • Next we place the brannock device on the floor and measure the customer’s weighted. Observe how the overall length, heel to ball length and width of the customer’s foot has changed.
  • Finally we ask the customer to walk away and towards you, at a steady pace so we can observe the foot. Does it internally or externally rotate? Does it collapse to the inside, pronate or roll to the outside, supinate?


Suggest and fit shoes

  • We select shoes that match your needs (and your feet!).
  • We explain and point out the type of support, the width, the amount of volume, the torsional rigidity, and the cushioning of each shoe.
  • We explain what a proper fit should feel like.  You should have a ¼ to ½ inch of room at the end of the shoe, the heel should be well seated, etc.



Video analyze your gait

  • We put you on the treadmill and observe your running gait, which also gives you the opportunity to experience the feel and fit of the shoe.
  • We watch video of your foot and stride in slow motion with you, analyzing how your foot lands in the shoe, and may make additional suggestions based on what we observe.
  • When appropriate, we offer additional education and pointers on more efficient running form and technique.