Roll Recovery’s R3 foot-roller is probably the best we’ve ever used. It’s smooth and firm design allows you to really dig into your foot in a way that other rollers just can’t.  I’ve always found myself reaching for a lacrosse ball or golf ball for foot massage because many of the rollers around just aren’t hard enough to give me the massage I need.  The R3 is a game changer though, it’s wide platform allows you to really apply pressure without having the unit slip away from you. If you’ve battled plantar fasciitis, ankle or lower leg issues then these roller is for you! Jeremy Nelson, founder of Roll Recovery, had this to say about his newest creation.

“Traveling around the country to races and expos the past few years we learned how common plantar fasciitis is with runners and people in general. Designing the R3 was a very fun exploration in how feet work and how to help alleviate these conditions in a small compact product.

We acquired a 3D printer a little over a year ago with the intention of testing some of our designs.  For me, being a nerdy engineer at heart, working with a 3D printer was such a blast. We created several prototypes, collaborating with Physical Therapists and doctors in Boulder.  With so many professional runners on staff at ROLL Recovery, we are able to get instant feedback from an elite athlete perspective.  After finalizing the functionality and engineering of the R3, we focused a lot on the aesthetics and packaging to make the R3 a beautiful product.  I truly hope it can help many people.”

Come on in and check out our demo.  This is a must have for any runner.  Your feet and ankles play a bigger role in your mechanics than you think and it’s vital that you take care of them, this beauty will help you do just that.

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