Altra’s maximally cushioned shoe gets an update, and the result is pretty sweet.

The biggest update to this shoe that I think anybody who is a previous Olympus user is looking for is it’s added the Vibram Megagrip outsole. If you are someone that has worn the Olympus in the past, you know that the major downfall was the outsole.  In the 2.0, they’ve completely revamped it, and I would say it’s definitely for the better. This is certainly a shoe that you can take on the trail.  The Vibram Megagrip is an awesome rubber compound that works well on a variety of surfaces.  The tread has some teeth to bite into softer terrain but it is not so prominent that it becomes cumbersome.

The fit of the shoe is also a bit better.  The shoe is still wide and I definitely have to crank down and the laces to get my foot secure, but the heel grabs my heel in a way that the previous version didn’t.  The upper is definitely a bit snugger all the way through the midfoot and it is quite a bit more breathable as well.
The shoe has also shaved off a relatively substantial amount of weight making this maximal shoe a bit more run-able.  This shoe seems to a be a bit more responsive than the 1.5, it’s not quite as soft, but I like this change as many maximal shoes (Hokas) can make you feel as if you are running in quicksand.

Keep in mind that all Altra shoes are zero drop, and that we, and Altra, suggest that you take some time to get your lower legs used to the shoe.  This is also a wide shoe, if you like your shoes to fit like a glove, this is not your shoe.  If you’re in the market for a pair of maximally cushioned shoes that can hand technical trails, then try this guy out! If Hoka’s are too narrow for you but you like the cushion, then this may be the perfect shoe for you!

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