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“You will feel better than this, maybe not yet, but you will. You just keep living until you are alive again.”

This Sunday our employee Sean Van Horn will be attempting a 24 hour effort on skis to raise funds for Aspen Strong, a non-profit that promotes access to mental health in the Roaring Fork Valley.

Sean, an elite endurance athlete here in the Roaring Fork Valley who has battled with his own demons throughout his life, is taking a stance on mental health and seeking to find his own mental and physical limits by attempting to break the North American 24 Hour Vertical Record (61,200 feet) on skis.
Mental illness is significantly under-addressed by society, and Aspen Strong helps to fills this gap locally in an area where the suicide rate is alarmingly high. Your mind is an organ like any other and deserves treatment and resources. One single point of contact and coordination is especially helpful for the most in need, the young and the poor.

Want to join in making a difference? Give a little bit to Aspen Strong, any donation will help make an impact by promoting better access to mental health treatment in the Roaring Fork Valley.

Click on the link below to donate and learn more about Sean: