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Independence Run & Hike Race Team

Welcome to Independence Run & Hike’s Race Team page!  We have a different kind of race team; the team is made up not only by fast runners, but by runners that stand for what we love about running, the fun, the comradery and challenge.  So the primary goal of our race team is to help us get people excited about running.  We want our team members to be out there, engaging with other athletes and spreading their stoke for running to others.  I think these men & women were definitely doing that and much more… Check out what they accomplished in 2015 (see below), and keep checking out our website to see what they do in 2016 (they’re all pretty awesome people).

The members that we have chosen are all pillars of this community in one way or another; some are fast, some are veterans, and some are relatively new to the sport, but what they have in common is a desire to see the athletic community in this valley grow and flourish.  We hope that you will join us in our effort to support them as they continue to pass their love for running on to others!

If you think you have what it takes to be part of our team, send us and email, we would love to hear from you and there is always room for more!

Will Fisher
A minister at Saint Peter’s Church in Basalt, Will is a dedicated endurance athlete.  A championship rower at Brown University, Will has since shifted his focus to other endurance sports and has completed several Ironmans,  a few 100 mile races, and numerous other ultra endurance feats.  He is fixture of the local  running community in the valley and is very involved in keeping our little social network together.




Heidi Vosbeck

Heidi is a Fitness Instructor and Veterinary Technician.  She teaches classes in both of these fields at the Glenwood Springs Community Center and at Colorado Mountain College. She has been a runner most of her life, Heidi took up doing triathlons about 16 years ago, and has been snowshoe racing for about 15 years. She completed her first Ironman this year in Boulder finishing 6th in her age group! Her favorite outing is to take her dog, Latte, on a trail run or a snowshoe run! 


  • The Crescent Moon Triathlon – Aurora, Co – 9th female, 1st age group
  • Strawberry Short Cut 10k – GWS, CO – 2nd female, 1st master
  • Ironman Boulder, Co – 6th age group
  • Canyon Shuffle 1/2 marathon – GWS, Co – 3rd overall women, 1st master
  • Day of Infamy Snowshoe 8k – GWS, CO – 1st place female

Jeremy Duncan

Jeremey has been running for 20 years and has been an ultra-runner since 2009. A former collegiate runner, his passion is finding remote alpine trails that he can explore for days on end.  On top of being a great runner, Jeremy is a real champion of the sport and is always on the look-out for the next adventure. His love for running is just infectious; you can’t help but smile when you’re on the trails with him.  


  • Twin Mountain Trudge – 2nd place
  • America’s Uphill – 3rd place
  • Mother of All Ascensions – 2nd Place
  • Mountain to Valley Half marathon – 2nd place
  • Big Horn 32M – 3rd place
  • Creede Mountain Run 22M – 1st place
  • Telluride Rundola – 4th place
  • Sopris Run Off – 3rd place

Kylee Schuler

A star track athlete and elite marathoner, Kylee fell in love with the trails when she moved to The Elk Mountains and now spends as much time on them as possible.  A nutritional health coach in Glenwood, she is also one of the organizers of the Maroon Belles, a women’s trail running group in the valley.  She is currently training hard for her ultra debut, The Moab Red Hot 55k.  In addition to running, she dabbles in Ski Mountaineering races in the winter, competing in events such as the Gore-Tex Grand Traverse.  


  • – 1st Glenwood Strawberry Shortcut 10k
  • 1st Aspen Boogie’s Diner 4 mile
  • 1st Canine 5k
  • 1st Glenwood Turkey Trot
  • 4th Golden Leaf Half Marathon


  • Marathon: 2:49
  • 10k: 37:16
  • Half Marathon: 1:19

Josh Hejtmanek

Josh is an amazing local athlete.  He loves competing in all of the local races and is completely immersed in the Roaring Fork Valley’s running scene.  Everyone knows who Josh is, and he is always there at the finish line cheering the rest of the racers on.  


  • 1st Run for Your Life 5k
  • 3rd Glenwood Strawberry Shortcut 10k and 5k
  • 2nd Mountain to Valley Half Marathon
  • 2nd Aspen Valley Half Marathon
  • 3rd Mt. Sopris Run Off
  • 4th Glenwood Turkey Trot
  • 4th Cheatin Woodchuck Chase

Jeason Murphy

Jeason is definitely the Roaring Fork Valley’s most prolific ultra runner.  In 2015 he won the 52 miler at the Desert RATS Trail Running Festival, finished 19th at the Hardrock 100 and 15th at the Leadville 100.  He also managed a 9th place finish at the very competitive Moab Trail Marathon, which served as the USATF Trail Marathon Championships.  Jeason has a ton of passion for this sport; he is huge part of our local running scene and is always the first to volunteer for an event (if he’s not racing it).


  • 1st Desert RATS 52 Miler
  • 1st Leadking Loop 25k
  • 9th Moab Trail Marathon
  • 19th Hardrock 100
  • 15th Leadvilee 100
  • 2nd Mt Sopris Run Off
  • 2nd Glenwood Canyon Shuffle Half Marathon
  • 5th The Bear 100 2014
  • 6th The Bear 100 2013

Laurie Guevera-Stone

Laurie is a fantastic masters runner who gets after it on the trails.  She is very involved with the community and is constantly volunteering for one thing or another.  This year she has been pushing herself even harder and completed her first ultra-marathon, the Grand Traverse. 


  • Desert Rats 1/2 marathon – 1st place master
  • Aspen Backcountry Marathon – 1st place master
  • Mt. Sopris Run-off – 1st place master
  • Grand Traverse – 3rd place master, 7th woman overall
  • Lead King Loop – 2nd master, 5th woman overall
  • Sarasota Turkey Trot – 1st place age group
  • Ran rim to rim Grand Canyon on her 50th birthday

Mary Cote

A former Olympic Trials Marathon qualifier, Mary has some serious speed in her legs.  Equally at home on the road or the trails she also organizes a “girls on the run” group in the valley.  Mary entered new territory this year and competed in her first ultramarathon, The Power of Four 50k, where she finished as the first master’s woman.  


  • Power of Four 50k – 1st masters
  • Tuscon Marathon – 3:10
  • Boogies 4 mile – 3rd female

Annie Murphy

A longtime resident of the Roaring Fork Valley, Annie is the definition of a mountain athlete. A former Nordic skier for the University Of Colorado, she competes in everything from ultra-marathons to backcountry ski races.  Her enthusiasm for the outdoors is contagious and she is always out there encouraging others to push their limits. Annie is also probably the nicest person you will ever meet; it’s a real treat to have her on the team.


  • San Juan Solstice 50 Mile
  • Leadking Loop 25k – 2nd Masters
  • Kendall Mountain Run – 2nd Masters 
  • Telluride Rundola- 6th female
  • Glenwood Canyon Shuffle ½ Marathon-2nd Master and 4th Overall

Ron Lund

Ron is a dedicated runner and longtime coach of The Basalt High School cross country and track teams.  He boasts some fast very fast PRs on the road and trail and is currently attempting to be one of the few individuals to have run sub 3 hour marathons across 5 decades.  Ron is the race director of the Basalt Half Marathon and a pillar of our local running community.  He is also the only person to have run in all 37 editions of the Golden Leaf Half Marathon.  


  • Grand River Gallop 5k, 1st in age group, 20:27
  • Mt. To Valley 1/2 marathon, 1st in age group, 1:28:01
  • Strawberry Days 10k, 1st in age group, 42:00
  • Aspen Valley 1/2 marathon, 1st in age group, 1:30:47
  • Willey Coyote 5k, 1st in age group, 21:51
  • Golden Leaf Trail Run, 3rd in age group, 2:00:33
  • Glenwood Canyon Shuffle, 1st in age group, 1:32:14
  • Revel Canyon City Marathon, 3rd in age group, 3:05:40

John Stroud

John has been a competitive runner since he was a kid, participating in track and cross country and running mostly road 5Ks and 10Ks in college. He has a long history of running road and trail races in the Roaring Fork Valley and the Colorado/Utah region. He has a PR of 3:05 marathon (Steamboat), and 1:19 in the half (Basalt). He has run in the New York and Boston marathons, and has competed on several team relays in Colorado. He also serves as a middle school cross country through the Access Roaring Fork Second Shift Program.  He was plagued with a few injuries in 2015 but still managed to get out and compete in several local races.  


  • Strawberry Shortcut 5k – 2nd  Master
  • Glenwood Springs Turkey Trot – 2nd Master
  • Mt Sopris Run Off 4 Mile – 2nd Master
  • Bonzai 5k – 2nd Master